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Download Free Textile Dictionary For Mobile

Download Free Textile Dictionary For Mobile
Textile professional site

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   Download Free Textile Ebook:(beta)

Dictionary of Textile

nonwoven textile technology

Reference Books of Textile Technologies - Weaving

Physical properties of textile fibers of the fourth book published

Handbook of Fiber Chemistry

Chemistry and technology of textile products

Knitting Technology

Download Free Textile Dictionary For Mobile

Probably too many times you've forgotten the meaning of a word or ask about a technical or material or equipment and processes ... Find information quickly.

Well in this situation is the fastest way to refer to a technical glossary.
Complete glossary of textile books is perhaps the best suggestion in this regard recently put in permanent tax Gil and I were both well
But maybe it is using your mobile.
After long efforts in this regard could have a mobile version of the glossary of textile technical offer.
Although this trial version of software has many shortcomings, but it can greatly help solve our needs.
Hopefully in the near future will provide a more professional version.

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